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How we handle your personal data

When you buy tickets in our ticketshop some of your personal data are stored. This data contains important information for the event organizer (our customer). and it allows them to approach their target group in a more focused and personal way.

Ik Ben Aanwezig is the intermediary between organizer (our customer) and visitor (you). When you buy tickets in our ticketshop, we enter into a payment relationship and because of that we must store certain data. Your data is safe with us, we take care of that. We use secure connections and encrypted databases.

If you absolutely do not want your data to be exposed to event organizers after an event took place, you have the right to be forgotten. If you want to appeal to the right to be forgotten, it’s possible to anonymize you in our system. From that moment on, the data will become unreadable and unusable for the organizer, for any subsequent approach.

Do you want your data to be anonymised? Let us know by emailing us at